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    Pipe structure type as well as how to choose

    Change the direction of the branch pipe elevation or change the diameter and competent on the bow I out often pipe in the pipe system.


    Pipe fittings refers to one or several parts for the pipeline connection parts, the pipeline composed of a.

    Its main role:

    (1) of the connection pipe

    (2) change the direction of the pipeline (flow direction);

    (3) the segregation of the fluid or pooled;

    (4) The connection of different diameter tubes rhyme;

    (5) tube side closed;

    (6) meters, valves and installation support;

    (7) ease pipeline expansion, contraction, etc.;

    (8 tubes hinged or rotating. From the material, fittings can be broadly divided into the metal tube and non-gold shoulder fittings and non-metallic pipe is generally used in a particular corrosive environment, mostly used in piping engineering metal fittings have steel metal tube, cast iron, and non-ferrous pipe fittings, which use up the steel metal tube below the industrial pipeline types of steel, metal fittings and an optional Note the point to make an introduction. 2, the species with the development of the petrochemical industry, construction tends to be large, complex piping engineering tube is varied, depending on the working conditions of which used for pipe change of direction, a branch of the pipeline or different size pipe connection fittings, harsh environment than straight pipe materials used in tubes, plates, forgings, castings, rods and profiles, processing and production is available system of welding, stamping, casting or forging. Typically, the pipe material, the thickness depends on the tube material, shape, size, and transmission fluid medium, pressure and other factors. '

    (1) elbow miter elbow commonly used in the curved parts of the pipeline to change the direction of the pipe. Common 45 elbows and 90 elbows bend radius is about 1.0 times the pipe diameter is called the short radius elbow is approximately 1.5 times the pipe diameter, known as the long radius bend in the pipeline system layout generally advised to use the long radius elbow to connect the short radius elbow is usually with the occasion of the installation location in the piping system more compact, or short radius elbow in order to reduce costs, the maximum operating pressure is generally not more than the same size length 0.8 times the radius elbow. miter elbow is usually used for low pressure (design pressure s 2.0MPa), water, and similar fluid medium conditions more moderate size pipe change the direction of a single miter bend angle greater than 45, should not be friends, toxic, flammable media pipeline, or to withstand vibration, pressure pulsation and the alternating load on the pipe due to temperature change.


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