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    The Enterprise Introduces

      Shanghai royalmaster precision Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Royalmaster) predecessor is Shanghai Nuolei hydraulic technology Co., LTD, established in 2005. Royalmaster is the professional production of fluid pipe fittings and hose fittings' manufacturer. Located in Jiading district of Shanghai Nanxiang high-tech industrial park HuiPing road 77. A building area are 2000 square meters, with many sets of the cutting-edge imported precision production equipment and inspection equipment.

      Royalmaster operation management based on comprehensive information enterprise construction as the platform, follow modern management concept into international high-end ERP, CRM, MRP information system to realize efficient, stable enterprise operation. Royalmaster has a strong management team and technical team to realize high quality technical service and product output. Royalmaster management team by Fudan university MBA and several excellent MPACC following a life, has a strong team of consultants and fund support, including the doctorate, doctoral supervisor, legal audit and investment industry elite; Royalmaster sophisticated technical team by industry in the prestigious technology experts helm, depend on the excellent talents and sophisticated equipment, precision, Royalmaster has become more domestic and foreign large-scale backbone enterprise and the top partners.

      Royalmaster is a include research and development, production, design, manufacturing for a modern high-tech enterprise, the enterprise through the Norway classification society ISO9001:2008 international quality system authentication. Enterprise's vision is to be focus on the needs of customers, to provide clients with professional and convenient services and with excellent quality for the integration of the factors driving organization.

      Royalmaster production products are widely used in metallurgical industry, mining machinery, electric power equipment, engineering machinery, port machinery and machine manufacturing, etc, with the new energy industry development, RM product extends to the new industry, such as wind power, nuclear power, solar power, and other fields. Due to the use of sophisticated products imported CNC equipment processing and supporting high quality imported seal components and products superior performance, stable quality, well received by users.


      Royalmaster products supply scope of the main including the following aspects:

     ●The series of ISO, DIN standards of all kinds of tube fittings, rotary joints, fast connection, SAE high pressure flanges, tube clamps      etc pipeline fittings


     ●Stainless steel corrugated metal hose assemblies, hydraulic rubber hose assemblies and Armoured hydraulic rubber assembly


     ●SN, VAI, DANIELI, MESTO, VIOTH industries standard pipeline fittings

     ●Precision transmission parts ordering, car transmission parts development, machinery non-standard parts processing precision          encryption

     ●Import fluid control, actuators, machinery and equipment testing, repair, renovation, new product development

      Royalmaster establish RM brand in customer mind the most important position for customers to create the most pleasant purchase experience for employees to personal goals and value for the society, creating satisfactory returns. We will offer the most professional service level and cost-effective products to have all kinds of product demand of customer satisfaction.










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